I grew up bouncing back and forth between Seattle and Tacoma, Washington. Losing myself in the creation of objects has always been an exploratory process in times of growth and transition. Ceramics, Drawing, painting and photography were vital outlets to explore the social world around me in my formative years. I graduated from Tacoma School of the Arts in 2008 and grounded myself in Seattle until 2016. I acquired an Associates Degree at Seattle Central Community College in 2011, and over a five-year break from academic institutions I took fine metals classes at Pratt Fine Arts and wheel-throwing classes at Seward Park Clay Studio. Over my undergraduate break I supported myself in the service industry and formed strong bonds with artists working in the Seattle area. I have participated in selling my ceramic jewelry at local pop-up shops and The Fremont Sunday Market in Seattle.

    In the Fall of 2018, I graduated from The Evergreen State College with a Bachelor of Arts, emphasizing in Art Theory through ceramic and metal materials. On the endeavor of acquiring my undergraduate degree at TESC I have reclaimed my passion for working with material with a new perspective on the conceptual and social practices in craft art. I plan to immerse myself in the world of ceramics, evolve as a working artist and start building an artistically driven community.

    I am interested in investigating the complex role that objects play in our daily lives and how their meaning transforms over time. The process of reification that takes place when an everyday object becomes an artifact is a constant curiosity for me. What qualities does that object hold, that enable it to become a vessel to impose abstract symbols upon?


    I find deep purpose in working my inquiries out through the manipulation of materials. I experiment to let the materials guide me to some semblance of an explanation. I am constantly energized by the transformative qualities of clay, a material that is derived through Earth’s powerful natural cycles. It brings me closer to existing in a tangible world.

    My work strives to evoke a sense of time and place that is emotionally recognizable but references no symbols that society wishes to impose on it. I strive to create forms that are reminiscent of the future, a place that balances the uncomfortably chaotic with the serenely calm. I consider my work an extension of my own personal journey, navigating identity in a time when the concept is becoming increasingly more abstract. Through purposeful practice I set daily intentions. With clear intentions I make ceramic vessels to contemplate, share, learn and communicate through.

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